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Mey looking at St Peters at sunset seen from one of the many hills of Rome

Rune in the Roman Forum wandering around among ancient ruins and bits and pieces of marble and other stones:

Papyrus plants growing on the Palatine Hill:

This place should be known to everybody, and indeed, look at the 2 hour line waiting to get in: we did not bother -- there was so much else to visit:

So we went back again to the Palatine Hill which is very much recommended to visit if you happen to be in Rome:

Rome seen from the Palatine Hill, with ruins of the Forum:

Ruins on the Palatine Hill:

Romans like to go out on the streets--imagine driving in this city (we did not!).   View from the Spanish Stairs:

And at 12 noon a cannon is fired from the Garibaldi Monument, we happened to be there by pure coincidence:

Rome's  own river--the Tiber streaming slowly slowly along:

Not many trees have branches extending far below the roots like these:

Rome, the Angels Castle with the Papal refuge chambers, also well worth a visit

The Pantheon: an amazing building :                                                                   And St Michael himself on the top of the Angels Castle:


St. Peter's from the outside: Seen from everywhere in Rome                                And here seen from the inside out:


Having a good Italian Lunch before heading out to the airport for the trip home to Surbekstrasse:


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