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May 4 - 2008: Rune's Bike Ride   


Berne has a lot to offer of bike trails winding through the landscape. Here the trail is running parallel to the light rail track:

The bike trail is winding through sleepy dead end streets where there is no automobile traffic (or nearly so)


Sometimes, however, even on the bike trail, one encounters the inevitable infrastructure construction work (note the software house in the background maybe getting a new fiber-optic connection??):

The bike trail continues through the conifer woodlands:

And along the mustard fields towards the Berner Oberland:

The biker himself on the trail trying out the timed exposure function of the babyNikon:

The white sheepli is integrated--no question about that!:

And here is where the poulets are farmed (we'd love to show you all the other animals we encountered on the bike ride but space is only so much):

And this is just before the  bike trail crosses final approach to Runway 32 at Bern International airport:

View of the localizer RWY 14 (the jet airplane just landed is taxiing from the far end of RWY 32):

Glider pilots still have the privilege to land at Berne International, thank you BAZL and SkyGuide! (the ugly concertina wire strung along the perimeter is more symbolic than a barrier to determined intruders -- so what is the logic here?):

The bike trail, after the airport, crosses the Aare river over the Aubrugg, a wonderful truss bridge design that lifts every real engineer's heart:

At this location the bike trail gets really interesting (but this is only a very short stretch):


Updated May 4, 2008

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