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Connecting and restoring: July 12-25

 Drill, Drill (intelligently, that is), for Energy



The Heart of the Matter, here the heating installation in our basement machine room. Past: the old natural gas furnaces (left), Present: the new heat pump and boiler (right) supplied with energy from a 220m deep geothermal well:

The History:

We're fortunate to be located just inside the region where it is allowed to drill (not for oil, but for sustainable geothermal energy). The state here (Kanton Bern) has some very impressive and informative charts :


This is where the drilling for more energy independence starts: In our backyard trail marked by the the fluorescent dot:

Tomorrow (June 30 - 2008), the drilling crew will arrive armed with heavy equipment to go deep (220m) into the Berne underground, brush has been cleared, fence made removable, parking space allotted, and everything is ready.
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Updated Sept 14, 2008

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