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 Exploring Geothermal Energy in Surbekstrasse

Day 2: The Drilling Continues



Early morning July 3  2008, the weather is not so hot, a cold front came through in the night. It is raining. The problem at 60 meters yesterday was in the interface layer between the sand (from the last ice age) and the rock below. The material there was very loose, and prone to seep into the drill hole. The drill crew decided to bury the outer protective shaft-tube into the rock --- slowly and patiently this procedure took the entire morning, for only 1 meter of progress:     

Thereafter drilling with only the inner drill shaft could continue through the tertiary marl and sandstone with an amazing speed of over 25 meters per hour! 

At the end of Day 2, the drill had reached 168 meters as seen in the core samples:

Tomorrow, Day 3, drilling continues........

Updated July 3, 2008

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