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 Exploring Geothermal Energy in Surbekstrasse

Day 1: The Drilling can start



Early morning July 2  2008, the Drill Rig is ready:       

The wide-caliber hose that will carry the debris           ------------       samples of which will be collected and analyzed:

Preparing the Rig:

This is REAL SERIOUS Machinery:

And here we go, drill shaft after drill shaft being attached. Notice the initial arrangement (for soft soil and sand) with counterrotating cylinders, the inner shaft carrying the drill-head proper, the outer protecting the walls of the drilled hole:

Here are the core samples from Day 1, the upper scale is depth (in tens of meters). We see first the topsoil (upper left), then gravel (Kis), followed by sand from 34 down to 60 meters. Then a problem came up at 60 meters

And at the end of Day 1 the progress is stuck -- tomorrow Thursday is Day 2 -- follow the story .........

Updated July 2, 2008

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