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 Exploring Geothermal Energy in Surbekstrasse

Day 4: Compound Filling and Removal of the Outer Protective Shaft



July 7  2008, the weather is crisp and sunny again after a rainy weekend, and the drill crew is finishing by retracting the outer tube slowly after having filled it with Injektherm compound:


The last outer shaft is retracted and the geothermal probe is visible -- the Rig has done its job and crawls up Puffertgassli:

Awaiting transport to the next drilling site:                                                           And a real Monster it looks like:

Transport is here!

The geothermal probe is flushed with water ---- and leak tested with 6 Bar pressure: it checked out fine after 3 hours  

Here is the inside of one of the protective shafts:          ----            Herr Aeschbacher  ----  Mr. Swissdrill Himself:

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Updated July 7, 2008

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